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Kiosk banking means a small hut or open booth. SBI bank has partnered with the Oxigen company to help them open small kiosk across the country that helps users to carry out transactions without even going to the bank. Users those are in need to make amount transaction can go to these kiosks and do their transactions using their biometric. They need not go to the bank’s branch to do the transaction. This initiative was done by SBI bank to reduce the crowds in their banks. Also, it helps SBI to make digitalization across all the branches in the country.

Agents or team members of Oxigen are appointed as kiosks. Using the technology by Oxigen they access the customer accounts from the CSP (Customer Service Point) Kiosk Outlet. All the processes done in the CSP must be biometrically authorized by the customer. Tasks like opening an account, online money transactions, micro-savings account creation, etc are done through the SBI Kiosk Banking. After the transactions are complete the customers will be given an acknowledgment sheet for any future reference.

All the retailers who have partnered with the Oxigen can open their CSP SBI Kiosk banking and can increase your earnings.

Some of the functionalities of SBI Kiosk Banking:

The following are the functionalities of SBI Kiosk banking which are done in the CSP. If you need to do any of these tasks, you need not visit the SBI bank branch. You can find the nearest Kiosk center and do it there.

1. Transfer money from one account to the other:

From Kiosk, you can transfer your money from the SBI account to another SBI account that is located in any other location inside India. All you need to do is to approve the transaction using the biometric device.

2. Cash Deposits:

You need not worry about the long queues in the SBI banks. You can just go to the nearest SBI Kiosk and deposit the money in your account in just a few minutes.

3. Withdraw Cash:

Previously, cash withdrawals can be done only in the respective SBI bank where you have created your account. But with the SBI Kiosk, you can withdraw money from these CSPs also. Up to 20 thousand can be withdrawn. Also, it depends on the available funds in the Kiosk.

4. Get your loan amount:

When your loan gets approved you need to visit the branch to collect the amount. But now you need not visit the branch. All you need is to visit SBI Kiosk to collect your loan amount.

5. Verify KYC:

If you have verified your KYC yet then you can do it in the SBI Kiosk branches.

Benefits for SBI Kiosk holders:

1. You can increase your income since all the operations are done with SBI Kiosk will attract money.

2. Money transfers are made easy from the SBI Kiosk.

3. You get discounts and offers from Oxigen also.

Benefits for the Customers:

1. Customers who create new accounts from SBI Kiosk banking will get no minimum balance accounts. You can keep the account idle with no balance also.

2. If you are opening your account under PMJDY(Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana) can have up to 12 lakhs of the amount in the account with a zero balance account.

3. Customers can make transactions up to 10k per day.

4. One drawback is that you will not get any checkbooks. You can do the transaction only in person using your bio-metrics.

5. Customers can operate accounts free of charge.

Here are some of the benefits for the customers:

1. Customer can use the SBI accounts created from the Kiosk to get loans against the property.

2. Customers can also get gold loans, Small-medium business loans, etc.