Here are 4 sites to binge watch random youtube videos by categories, channels or views.

My favorite thing to do online when I’m bored is to watch random youtube videos back to back. I’ve started avoiding watching TV series because it gets crazy addictive and I can’t get out of it till I have consumed the whole series.

Agreed, watching funny youtube videos can be addictive as well, but you never have to face the stress of cliff-hangers or worry about spoilers.

With a youtube randomizer, you also get a chance to discover those videos that you wouldn’t normally StumbleUpon. Ironically, youtube only shows you those videos that are getting a lot of attention.


YTRoulette random YouTube videos. Discover new videos be carefull it´s addictive.

YTRoulette random YouTube videos. Discover new videos be carefull it´s addictive.

This one is certainly the best of the lot. Like the casino game, it plays random video after video. You can choose to play videos by categories like Music, Sports, Gaming, Funny or All of YouTube. A unique feature that I love about YTRoulette is that it also randomly plays all the movies available on YouTube.


If you’re feeling a little adventurous you should go for YouHole. It doesn’t let you pause or stop a video and brings up only those videos that have less than 500 views. The video just starts playing in full-screen! So you may run into any weird shit that people upload. Brace yourselves!


This one similar to YT Roulette. It plays random videos that you can choose to watch on youtube, pause or watch in different resolutions. But no categories. Their sister site brings up a random youtube comment on every refresh.




Unlike what the name suggests (and to my great disappointment), the site doesn’t actually generate YouTube videos. It just plays a random YouTube video on every click of their ‘search for random youtube video’ button. It does have a unique feature that lets you enter the name of a YouTube channel and a random video from that channel is played.

How I’d love to see all of these unique features that these four sites have in one single site!