Ultimate list of the Top Fun Things to do With Google Search or the “Hidden Google Tricks”.

Compiling this list has been a crazy roller coaster ride for me. I kept getting distracted and sucked into the fun I was having, forgetting that I was researching for this post.

Just like our brains, we utilize less than 20% of Google’s potential. There are numerous hidden tricks and Easter eggs in not just its search engine but also in Google maps, Google Earth, GDocs, Hangouts and even Google translate.

Enough chit chat. Who wants have some fun with Google! Entering certain words into Google makes it do funny, interesting or weird things. It may even present you with games on the search results page for some words. So enjoy!

Fun Things to do With Google Search

google fun things to do

  1. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away – see the search results in the same, tilted scrolling style that the introductions to the original Star Wars movies were presented in. And this includes the music too.
  1. Do a barrel roll – The search results will do a 360-degree somersault  on your screen.
  1. Zerg rushThis is an easter egg related to the popular game StarCraft. If you type “Zerg Rush” into Google, the “O’s” in Google take over the page. If you double click, your cursor turns into a plus sign. Click on the O’s and you wipe them out.
  1. Atari Breakout Breakout is an arcade game developed and published by Atari, Inc. You can play it on Google Images by searching for “atari breakout”.
  1. Askew Beware! searching this will tilt your screen slightly on towards right and you may have to call Google support to fix it.
  1. Batman Summon the batman by putting up the bat-sign on Google.
  1. Hodor hodor Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor HODOR.
  1. <Blink> or “blink html The results include samples of the blink element.
  1. Recursion Do you know what ‘recursion’ means? Google it!
  1. Anagram Hint: Anagram is making a new word out of a word by rearranging the letters.

Best Hidden Google Tricks

list of google tricks and hacks

  1. 399999999999999-399999999999998 Google search says the answer is zero! Wolfram Alfa calculates the same to ‘1’. The mystery behind this is yet to be solved.
  1. Festivus The holiday, which originated on the show “Seinfeld” in 1997, generally takes place on Dec. 23. In celebration of the holiday, when you search “Festivus” Google displays the traditional “Festivus” pole.
  1. The loneliest number – The answer to this question will shock you to your very core.
  1. Webdriver torso Turns the Google logo into the moving colored blocks. Webdriver Torso is a YouTube account made by Google that posts mostly 11-second videos consisting of blue and red rectangles that change position, accompanied by a series of beeps which change in pitch. This is one of the best fun things to do with Google search.
  1. Super Mario Bros Shows an info card for Super Mario Bros. Clicking on the flashing question mark generates a coin and 200 points. After 100 coins, the “1UP” sound plays. I killed about 30 mins on this.
  1. Google in 1998 Will generate a layout similar to the one Google used for its search engine in 1998. And it’s only available for 1998 and not any other year.
  1. Conway’s Game of Life Ggenerates a running configuration of the game to the right of the search results. The process cannot be stopped or altered by the user once it starts. So try at your own risk!
  1. Google.com/teapot Returns a page that says “418. I’m a teapot” among other things. Clicking on the teapot will make it tip over and pour out. Google engineers have way too much free time.Once in a blue moon – Its not a vague term like you think. It’s a specific number.
  1. The answer to life, the universe and everything presents is 42. There, you have it!

Cool things you can do with Google

cool things to do on google

  1. Bletchley Park Will show an info card on the side of the page where the headline will be decoded in real time. Bletchley Park is the location of the U.K.’s code-breaking center, which helped the allies break axis power codes in WWII.
  1. Flip a coin A coin will be flipped and returned via your CD tray or the slot where you enter the floppy disc.
  1. Roll a die Unfortunately, unlike the coin, only a virtual die will be rolled and the result will be displayed. How boring!
  1. Pacman Click to play the popular game Pacman (with the same music and sounds).
  1. Bacon Number [Any actor’s name] followed by “Bacon Number” will reveal how many degrees of separation they are from actor Kevin Bacon, who has been the victim of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game since the 1990s.
  1. Heart This is how you create a heart on Google Graphing with a long math equation! This is ONLY visible to math geeks or nerds and not normal people. If you’re one, try out this neat trick.
  1. Set a timer Actually, Google’s search engine alone can do so many things that you shouldn’t need another app on your phone.
  1. Learn how to pronounce massive numbers To have Google Search teach you how to pronounce big numbers, just type in the figure then add an equal (=) and the language you want it to be pronounced in. This works for up to 13 digits only.
  1. “Xmas” or “christmas” And there will be Christmas on your search results page!
  1. <Founder>  <Company> Did you know that Apple was founded by three people? And Steve Jobs is not one of them! Go see for yourself.

Cool Google search bar tricks

the best hidden google search tricks and tips

  1. My calendar If you’re logged into your Google account, searching for ‘my calendar’ will show up your Google calendar schedules. But then your Google calendar will become public.
  1. On Google.com, hover your mouse over the “I’m feeling lucky” button with nothing else in your search box and it will roll-over all casino style to a number of other options like “I’m feeling playful,” “I’m feeling trendy,” or “I’m feeling generous,” which will take you to a corresponding search. Don’t know if that’s exactly an Easter Egg, but a cool hey-did-ja-know all the same.
  1. Chemical Compounds If you search for chemical compounds, you get an option to view their structure in 3D. BTW the structure of carbon monoxide looks like a pair of boobs.
  1. Solve Geometry Problems With google search you can solve for geometrical shapes such as a circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, ellipse etc. Type “solve” and add a shape e.g. “solve triangle”, click the search button and it will return you with a calculator to solve that shape.
  1. Feeling Suicidal? – If you’re feeling like committing suicide because you’re wasting too much time online or something like that and you Google suicide, the search results will first show you a “Helpline” number before it shows you the results for ’10 best ways to kill yourself’. On a serious note, this is not exactly a “fun thing” but it was intriguing so I put it on this list. Don’t ask me how I found out about it.
  1. Pirate, Klingon, and Bork Bork Bork These are languages from fictional worlds but if you want, you can change your Google language settings to any of them anytime. I actually only speak bork bork bork! and have to translate all my blog posts to English before I publish them.
  1. On YouTube, searching “doge meme”  will change all the text on the search results page into the Comic Sans font in various colors. Forever.
  1. Split a bill and calculate the tip – You don’t need to download a separate app for that.
  1. If your Internet is down, Google chrome will show you a T-Rex. If you press your arrow keys, a mario-like game begins where your T-Rex has to jump over cactus plants or it falls on them ass-first and dies. As a matter of fact, that’s how the dinosaurs went extinct.
  1. Google MentalPlex – It was a secret project developed by Google to search for anything with your mind! I found out their hidden link. Here is how to search – 1. Remove hat and glasses. 2. Peer into MentalPlex circle. 3. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEAD. 4. Project mental image of what you want to find. 5. Click or visualize clicking within the MentalPlex circle. Ta-Da!
  1. If you’re working in Google Docs with more than a few editors, don’t be surprised if you see them as various animals. You may even see one stand out — a mythical “kraken” creature. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll even see the Nyan Cat.
  1. Burger vs Pizza You can compare any two foods with Google to learn their nutritional values and calorie count. I’m mostly torn between Burger and Pizza. Luckily, both are healthy as hell!
  1. Easily find out the week’s football fixturesIsn’t that something cool to do?

Some Retired Google Easter Eggs

The Google Easter eggs below have been retired or aren’t working at least for me. You are welcome to try them out yourself.

Binary, Hexadecimal or Octal Number of search results found used to be shown in the respective numerical system.

Find Chuck Norris An error would appear saying “no one can find Chuck Norris”

Let it snow – The search results page would get a nice drizzle of snow.

Gravity – Every element on the page would fall down as if under the influence of gravity.

Tilt – This was just like Askew. I guess that’s why it no longer works.

Kerning – Was only understood by designers.

Walking to Mordor – I miss this one. When anyone tried to search directions for walking from the Shire to Mordor Google would want them saying “one does not simply walk into Mordor”.

Wasn’t that was one hell of a ride! Some quality time wasted online and boredom cured. If you enjoyed having fun with Google, you’ll also like my other super-list of 100 fun things to do online when you are bored. Its totally rad.