The days of driving around looking for the best priced fuel are over. This app lets you lock in your best local fuel price wherever, whenever you like. And that price is good for 7 days at any 7-Eleven Fuel Store across Australia.

Everyone likes to save money on fuel when they can and 7-Eleven has made that a bit more easier with an a one of its kind app that helps you look up local 7-Eleven stores for the best price in your area.

The new 7-Eleven Fuel app, available on iOS and Android, provides drivers the capability to check out the 7-Eleven stores around them to locate the lowest price. Customers can then lock in that price, and then fill up their car within seven days – at that price – at any 7-Eleven store in Australia. The app employs an algorithm and geo-location technology to achieve the price lock in for its customers.

Find A Low Fuel Price

Find A Low Fuel Price


Step 1
Choose Your Fuel Type
Select the type of fuel you want to purchase.

Step 2
Find the Best Local Fuel Price
Search 7-Eleven Fuel Stores in your area to find our best local price on Mobil quality fuel.

Step 3
Get the Card
Register for a 7-Eleven Card and load it up. You’ll need it to lock in that low price.

Step 4
Lock It In
Select your litres and lock in that low price. You can only lock in as much fuel as there is money on your 7-Eleven Card.

Check out the app –